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Debt Recovery

At Spectrum Legal Group, we understand that the lifeline of your business is cash flow + to keep your business going you need to be able to collect bad debt. As a result, we are committed to assisting both you + your business in the unfortunate event where you have to take legal action for an outstanding debt. We can guide you through the process of Debt Recovery + tailor our approach to your specific business needs. We can even assist you in ensuring your ongoing business practices protect you against future bad debtors.


A big part of avoiding the Debt Recovery process is making sure your contracts, trade agreements + terms of trade are clear + watertight. It’s never too late to engage in better practices. The Spectrum Legal Group can help you. We will review your agreements in preparation for the unfortunate event you have to enforce a debt recovery process.


However, with such agreements firmly in place, the Debt Recovery process may be as simple as issuing a letter of demand, thereby avoiding costly court proceedings or judgements.


Our legal experts in Debt Recovery are fully versed in the process of enforcing judgments + can manage the process right through to bankruptcy or company wind-up proceedings. We are well aware of the costs of debt litigation + will thoroughly assess your particular case in order to advise you whether or not it is commercially viable to proceed to court or not.


We have over 20 years of experience in Debt Recovery + the relevant processes, including;

  • Debt collection processes
  • Contracts
  • Trade agreements
  • Terms of trade
  • Letters of demand


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