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General Litigation

The Spectrum Legal Group has an excellent track record in the strategic resolution of disputes between individuals, businesses + corporations both national + international. Our group is renowned for its depth of knowledge + expertise in all facets of litigation.


This breadth enables us to meet your needs quickly + effectively, to access courts in all jurisdictions when injunctions are required. We assist you to avoid disputes wherever possible but we realise that disputes are often an inevitable part of doing business. We work with you to provide practical advice + devise litigation strategies that realistically identify the prospects of success.


Where appropriate, we explore alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation, or arbitration which is a fundamentally different approach to managing + resolving disputes. The process involves disputing parties agreeing to appoint an expert, independent arbitrator who delivers what is usually a binding decision. When acting for you in an arbitration, our approach is strategic with a single-minded emphasis on identifying + meeting your commercial objectives.


For international disputes, we have extensive experience dealing with both sensitive + cross-cultural considerations. Many commercial disputes arise as a result of globalisation + the increasing number of cross-border transactions being conducted by major corporations.


Whether you have a professional negligence issue, contractual claim, building dispute, insolvency issue, intellectual property or people-related matter, we will work with you to give you the maximum chance of a smooth + peaceful resolution, without having to resort to disruptive + costly court action.


Whilst always maintaining the highest standard of quality in our services, we deliver tailored legal solutions to suit your unique circumstances. By focusing on your individual needs, we are best able to identify + execute the most appropriate plan of action + ensure minimal interference with your daily life.


We have a vast knowledge + experience in dealing with a wide spectrum of Litigation cases over the last 20 years including:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Corporate disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Misleading + deceptive conduct
  • Mediation
  • Resolutions
  • Professional negligence
  • Insolvency


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